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Seabass Spiced Coconut

Jump to Recipe – Print Recipe Seabass Spiced Coconut Prep Time: 5 minutes minutesCook Time: 15 minutes minutesTotal Time: 20 minutes minutes Servings: 4 This quick and fragrant recipe is perfect midweek meal; warming spices with coconut milk topped with succulent panfried seabass Print Recipe Servings 4 EquipmentSaucepanFrying pan x2 4 MetricUS Customary Ingredients4 seabass fillets4 naan bread750 g new potatoes halved1 onion sliced1 red chili sliced (optional)2 cloves garlic chopped0.5 tsp turmeric1 tsp garam masala0.5 tsp salt450 g runner beans sliced 1 inch1 tin coconut milk 400g10 g fresh coriander chopped for garnish1 lime quartered1 tsp cornflour optional – to thicken15 ml olive oil InstructionsBoil the halved new potatoes in salted water until tender (about 12 minutes).Warm naan breads to packet instructions then wrap in foil or tea towel to keep warm. Meanwhile, fry the onions and runner beans in a little oil for about five minutes until the…

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