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Great inspiration.


I have already tried two recipes, both a success with my teenagers…hurray!

Will definitely be trying some more, thank you folks 🙂

Avatar for Sasha.

Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

Thank you Sasha! So pleased you and teenagers loved it! More coming soon!

Yum and easy!


Just done my first meal and love how simple and tasty it was – great stuff. Thank you!

One suggestion, is there a way to favourite a recipe so that you can easily come back to it?

Avatar for Tisha

Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

Yes! If you click on the ‘heart’ on the recipe that will add it to your favourites. To access your favourites; simply login, go to the meal plan page and click on ‘Favourites’ in the list of categories.

Maple pork chops


Just wanted to say thank you, I have just made my first recipe…Maple pork chops. The sauce for the chops was amazing. As I live on my own I have cooked 4 chops and split them into tubs…looking forward to my next serving. It was quick and easy and I actually enjoyed cooking it. I am determined to do more and get back into the habit of meal planning and batch cooking. So glad I found this 🙂

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Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

So pleased you enjoyed them Joanne!



I’ve been meal planning for years but 5 dinners has still made a massive difference for me. The recipes are so easy and quick to prepare. As long as you have basic cooking skills these recipes can be accomplished with no bother. The plans have introduced me to vegetables I’ve never bought and I’ve so enjoyed trying all these new foods. I’ve been telling everyone about 5 dinners and I’m so grateful for the free membership. I appreciate the hard work involved in creating a new plan each week and I’m really happy I signed up.

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Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

THank you so much for your lovely feedback! I really appreciate your comments!

Great, flavoursome recipes – something for everyone.


Great selection of recipes and has hugely helped the dinner time ‘rut’ that we seemed to fall into. Easy to follow and all have tasted great!

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Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

Thank you so much! We’re so pleased you’re enjoying them!

100% success rate so far !


We’re a couple of weeks in, family of 4, not particularly fussy eaters but prefer fresh home made meals to ready meals/ junk food. So far each meal has been enjoyed by all of us with requests to make them again. The upside down chicken pie was a particular hit ( and so easy !), and the mushroom carbonara was apparently like ‘good restaurant food’. Thanks so much

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Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

Amazing! SO great to hear you’re enjoying the meal plans! We’re always here if you need any help!

My most hated job , is now enjoyble.


You have turned my most hated job of the week into something enjoyable, quick and easy. `The recipes have all been delicious and I love how I can filter our dietrary requirements.

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Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

Game changer!!


Fantastic, delicious and easy to follow recipes! Can’t recommend this highly enough! I’ve been making a few of the dishes ahead on a Sunday for when I’m home late too!

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Excellent customer service!


Only just joined/registered and had a problem logging in to the members page, I’d inputted the incorrect email in the beginning, however dropped them a PM and Theo came back with details of what had happened and resolved it within minutes. All care was taken to make sure my information was keep discreet which made me feel so much better.

Can’t wait to get started now so huge thanks again ?

Avatar for Dee

I don’t know what I would do without Five Dinners now!


Five Dinners = no brainer! This is a great half way house between meal kits (expensive) and planning your own meals (time consuming and boring!) Five Dinners not only pays for itself but also saves you oodles of cash on top as you’re only buying the ingredients you need (rather than wandering round the supermarket chucking in items that you think you might use!)

The recipes are easy to follow and always offer something a bit different! They also make me look really good – producing cheffy style meals at home!

I love the shopping list generator – especially easy if you’re doing an online shop, it’s literally done in 5 mins! And the list is also handily categorised into the supermarket sections so you can whizz round with your list really easily!

I am a big fan and I always encourage all my friends and family to give it a try!

Avatar for Jen

Brilliant for families!


Delicious food which my children love. No waste and super simple. Can’t recommend highly enough!

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Stress has gone from cooking and food shopping


I’m only a week or so in with this but already it’s made a huge difference. It’s so easy to use, lots of really great recipes that I know my family will eat, and has got me out of a rut with dinners. I love how the shopping list is all done for you, this saves loads of time, and it’s such a relief to know what we’re having for dinner for the whole week! I was starting to resent cooking as the whole faff around thinking what to have took such a long time and I hated it, I’ll be sticking with this and won’t be resorting to spag bol for a long time!

Avatar for Elly

Game changer for our house


FiveDinners has expanded our repertoire as well as my kitchen confidence. New flavours and different ways to cook familiar favourites (chicken pie, halloumi curry, spaghetti traybake to name a few) have been great. I’ve recommended it to loads and it’s fun comparing notes! Also awesome to have recipes I know the kids will eat. Dinner winner!

Avatar for Kim

Makes my life easier!


I love fivedinners as it not only gives me great meal ideas but also sorts out most of my shopping list for me … it’s added variety to my family meal times and has given me the confidence to try different but easy to make foods during the week – thank you fivedinners !

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Sally Griffith



Fivedinners saved me in lockdown last year and I still keep coming back to it for meal planning and general inspiration. Planning what to cook day in, day out is really stressful so I’ve found this makes my life a lot easier. Kids love the recipes and even the veggie dishes get the thumbs up from meat-loving Dad!

Avatar for Hannah

Cook and Prep 20mins, eaten in less than 3 as it was gorgeous!


Quick and easy recipe tried yesterday and brilliant, really tasty, Thanks for the tips and explanations, will remember those little things to add depth to the flavour in other recipes!

Avatar for Robin

Even great for a uni student


Easy to follow recipes that are super tasty! They’re even beneficial for a uni student!! Great recipes and even better chef

Avatar for Harriet

Total game changer !


Five dinners is a great resource, as a busy mum with 4 children it has made my meal planning super easy. I love the feature which allows you to change the number of people eating, and that it creates a personalised shopping list for you!! Love it ??

Avatar for Hannah Archer
Hannah Archer

Oh wow – I can actually cook!


In 20 minutes I had created something tasty and healthy, which my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed – and I usually avoid cooking (extreme delegation)! Thank you

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FiveDinners quick and fast


hmm, Delicious. Quick, easy and healthy food less than 20 minutes ready to eat! Great fun!

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Shailla Chughtai

Response from Five Dinners Meal Planner

Pleased you’re enjoying our quick recipes from our meal plans!

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