Here are a bunch of FAQ’s that might answer your questions – but if you still need help just contact us here!

Is it really FREE?

Yes! We’re keen to help as much as we can so have decided to offer our service for free – no catch, no strings, just trying to help (but join today as this offer might end) Join for free here

How does it work?

Soon as you become a member you get instant access to our meal plans, shopping lists and can even start customising your own meal plans in minutes! We publish a new meal plan every week (on Friday for the following week).

What are the meal plans and recipes like?

Our weekly meal plans offer a well balanced week of meals or you can create your own meal plans from our different recipe categories like vegetarian, GF, kid friendly, quick easy, airfyer and more!

Do I have to use the meal plan every day?

No! Some members use our meal plans every day. Others dip in and out; making two or three day meal plans and love having the handy shopping list. You can skip days, swap meals, change servings sizes, even create your own perfect meal plan with our recipes.

Are the recipes healthy?

We believe in maintaining a well balanced diet with food being cooked with fresh, clean produce and avoiding processed ingredients.

Are the meal plans just for families?

No way! Whether you’re feeding just yourself, a couple or a family of four or ten, you can change the serving size on every recipe and we’ll automatically change the ingredients and shopping list for you!

By default all our recipes serve four.

I am Vegan, Flexitarian, Vegetarian…

All our recipes are organised by category so you can create your own bespoke meal plan and browse recipes that suit you; GF, dairy free, one-pot, vegetarian, family faves, quick, etc.

We also have a Flexitarian note on every recipe giving tips on how to change it to different diets.

So you choose what I’m eating every week? I mean I like it but..

We took the decision that most people might be like us; they just don’t want the headache of choosing what to cook each week – so we’re doing it for you!

Of course if you don’t fancy one week you can browse previous weeks meal plans or you can browse our recipes and create your own meal plan and we’ll automatically generate your shopping list – simples!

OK, sign me up – this is brilliant!

We hoped you might say that! 🙂 Click here to sign up today.