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Patti Sloley Guest Chef

We’re super excited to welcome Patti Sloley as our guest chef! Patti is a larger than life personality that lights up any room (or kitchen) she enters! Theo has known Patti for years and LOVES her food (and her!).

Patti Sloley is a chef on a mission to introduce the world to the glorious and exciting African food that she was taught to cook by her mum growing up in Ghana. Described by Executive Traveller magazine as Ghana’s best kept secret, Patti is inspiring and exuberant with an infectious zest for life. She maintains the perfect balance between creativity and conformity and her ability to step out of the norm defines her. Her creative style and her natural artistry comes across in vibrant dishes, she never fails to bring something exciting to the table. Hers is food from and for the soul.

Check out Patti’s delicious vegan spicy black eye bean tomato stew recipe here!

In a short series for ITV’s Lorraine Show titled ‘Patti’s Taste of Christmas’, she delighted viewers with some of her favourite festive dishes. She has also featured on John and Lisa’s Weekend Kitchen. With features in several magazines, Patti also is a regular on BBC Three Counties Radio, where she shares food tips and recipes with regular listeners with her passion for food. As a resident chef at the Jean-Christophe Novelli Academy, she ran courses on African-fusion called ‘A Taste of Africa’.

In his latest cookbook Simply Novelli, Jean-Christophe describes Patti as his “Culinary spiritual sister, an oceanic breath of fresh air”. Patti passionately demonstrates her Ghanaian fusion dishes at food festivals, schools and on social media and shares her exciting dishes at exclusive and private dinner parties and pop-up suppers in a local wine bar. She has written two cookbooks – ‘A Plate in the Sun’ and ‘Date with Plantain’.  Her spice workshops take you on a journey of her favourite spices from around the world.

Patti’s Books:

A Plate in the Sun and A Date with Plantain are both available on Amazon 

You can connect or find out more about Patti at:

Instagram: @Pattismenu

TikTok: Pattismenu 

Facebook: Patti Gyapomaa Sloley

Twitter: @PattiSloley

www pattismenu.com

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