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Mandy Simmons

We’re really excited to have the lovely Mandy Simmons be our first guest chef on FiveDinners.com featuring her mouth watering Chicken Cacciatore recipe.

Chicken Cacciatore by Mandy Simmons
Chicken Cacciatore by Mandy Simmons

Mandy is a self taught home cook who creates and prepares achievable meals for real people. We love Mandy’s recipes and hope you do too!

Mandy focuses on nourishment from within and has no interest in omitting food groups or jumping on the bandwagon of the latest in-vogue diet. She cooks for pleasure and health and is an advocate of promoting wellness through the varied meals she creates. Her focus is on food for the family and recipes that aren’t overly complicated, but are always full of flavour.

Find out more about Mandy at:


Instagram @simplyfoodbymandy

Facebook @simplyfoodbymandy

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