Divya Maru

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Divya Maru Mum I'm Hungry

Divya Maru

  • Airfryer Aubergine Parmigiana by Jenny Tschiesche (oven conversion given)

  • Airfryer Chicken Fajitas by Jenny Tschiesche (oven conversion given)

  • Airfryer Honey mustard sausages with vegetables by Jenny Tschiesche (oven conversion given)

  • Airfryer Teriyaki Beef Skewers by Jenny Tschiesche (oven conversion given)

  • Chinese Style Fakeaway Fish Curry

We’re really excited to have Divya Maru as our guest chef next week on FiveDinners showcasing her delicious sweetcorn fritters for Meatless Monday!

Sweetcorn Fritters Five Dinners
Sweetcorn Fritters Five Dinners

Here’s Divya’s story:

“Hi! I’m Divya and I’m a mum of two wonderful kids! I run two businesses and have a passion for cooking! This has stemmed from having such a fussy husband (when I say fussy, I mean he has a refined palette!) My husband is so hard to please when it comes to food, it made me even more determined to create amazing dishes.

The name ‘Mum I’m Hungry’ stems for my kids using this same phrase during every school holiday. From the moment they get up they are hungry! Seriously where do they put all the food!? These words have now stuck with me and I started a foodie group on Facebook at the end of March 2020.  It grew to a fabulous 10,000 by the end of June. I have also started sharing my recipes via my Instagram page @mum_im_hungry_

My page consists of Vegetarian meals with Vegan options. I also love creating eggless/vegan desserts. I hope you enjoy checking out my recipes!”

Find out more about Divya at:

Instagram @mum_im_hungry_

Facebook group Mum I’m Hungry!

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