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Megan Davies Guest Chef

We’re really excited to have Megan Davies as our guest chef! Megan and Theo share the same publisher and Megan has just had her latest cookbook, Fridge Raid published which has tons of fabulous family friendly recipes! Megan is a cookbook author, food stylist, illustrator and mother. Her work has featured in The Times, The Telegraph, Olive magazine, BBC GoodFood Magazine and many more, with clients such as Pret A Manger, Pasta Evangelists, Linda McCartney Foods, to name a few. Megan’s style of food is humble but flavour-packed, family food with a real focus on minimal wastage and using up what you’ve got at home.  Check out Megans instagram here @megandaviesfood Or find out more about Megan here: http://megandaviesfood.com/ Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Credits: Fridge Raid by Megan Davies (Ryland Peters & Small, £18.99) – Photography by Rita Platts © Ryland Peters & Small Home Bird by Megan…

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