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Meal planning? What’s all that about?

What is a meal planning and why does it matter?

Meal planning is a great way to remove the anxiety of thinking of different things to cook each week and also offers a great means to try new dishes. But it’s so much more than that as well. Meal planning helps combat food waste which is a massive problem but also saves you a bunch of cash!

How our meal planning service differs from the rest.

Each week we create five family-friendly dinnertime recipes. One of the big differences is that we also generate a single shopping list with all the ingredients you need for that week – imagine that – taking away the stress of choosing what to cook each week!

But it’s more than that; it also means saving you money by only shopping for the food you need and also cuts food waste – both are massive challenges.

How do I get the meal plans?

We email you the meal plans and shopping list so you have it with you or you can login to FiveDinners and it’s all there to save, print or just to refer to.

You have choice…

  • You can change how many people a recipe serves and the shopping list will automatically update for you!
  • Browse previous weeks’ meal plans
  • Search our recipes
  • Create your own meal plans

Diets, likes and dislikes..

So my daughter loves ham but not cheese, my son loves cheese but not ham my other son loves mushrooms and the other two don’t!

Being a family we know that cooking one meal for the whole family can sometimes be tricky. You can cook exactly as our recipes instruct or feel free to add things you like and remove bits you don’t!

We also try to be as Flexitarian as possible with our recipes offering alternatives and small tweaks to make them more vegan or vegetarian friendly.

Please note; we’re not yet able to offer strictly vegan or vegetarian meal plans, but we’re working on it!

You’re not alone!

Ultimately we’re here for you! If you have any questions about signing up or once a member you want help with any of the recipes or meal plans just send us an email and we’re here for you!

Get your meal plans free for a week!

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