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Buffalo Hotwings

Hot Wings and Wedges

Jump to Recipe – Print Recipe Hot wings with wedges and corn (hot is optional!) Prep Time: 15 minutes minutesCook Time: 30 minutes minutesTotal Time: 45 minutes minutes Servings: 4 These hotwings are proper good! You can tone down the heat for the kids and opt for BBQ sauce instead – or go classic with your own hot sauce! Print Recipe Servings 4 EquipmentPre-heated oven 200FAN/220cBaking Tray x 2Mixing bowl 4 MetricUS Customary Ingredients900 g white potatoes cut into 1 inch wedges1.5 kg chicken wings2 tbsp baking powder1 tbsp dried oregano30 ml olive oil120 ml hot sauce e.g. Franks Hot Sauce1 tsp vinegar40 g butter4 corn on the cob InstructionsHot wingsJoint the wings into three, discard the tips or keep to make a stock with. Pat dry with paper towel then dust with the baking powder (the baking powder will help crisp them up), mix around then place onto a…

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