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Baked Marmalade Fennel w Seabass

Jump to Recipe – Print Recipe Baked Marmalade Fennel with Seabass Prep Time: 5 minutes minutesCook Time: 25 minutes minutesTotal Time: 30 minutes minutes Servings: 4 One tray wonder, cooked in 30 minutes with bittersweet citrus notes from the marmalade . Print Recipe Servings 4 EquipmentSaucepan + LidPreheated oven 220FAN / 240cHigh sided roasting tin 4 MetricUS Customary Ingredients200 g basmati rice4 seabass fillets sliced in half widthways2 bulbs fennel root trimmed and thinly sliced2 cloves garlic sliced6 sprigs fresh thyme12 cherry tomatoes halved45 ml olive oil2 tbsp marmalade or 1 orange + 1tsp honey1 lemon InstructionsBaked Fennel and FishAdd the sliced fennel and garlic with a good glug of olive oil to the roasting tin. Season with a few pinches of salt, black pepper and rub the leaves off the sprigs of thyme and over the top. Mix it all together then scatter over the tomatoes and pop into…

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