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Thank you!

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1. Login – use your email address as your username if preferred. After login you automatically go to our main meal plan page – you can still access your members homepage from the top menu.

2. Previous meal plans – use the drop down menu to check out our previous six weeks of meal plans, or…

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5. Save favorite recipes – click the ‘heart’ on any recipe to save it. You find these in the categories under ‘My favourites’.

6. Thursday morning – new meal plans are published for the following week (received by email and in members homepage) 

7. Skip a day or Swap a recipe – click ‘x’ in the top corner of any recipe in our meal plan to remove it, you can leave it blank or replace it with another recipe, just click ‘add recipe’ to include it.

8. Dietary needs – scroll through our recipes by category; GF, dairy-free, vegetarian, etc. And if you get stuck or need help contact us via email or use our text-a-chef service as shown on your members homepage

Give kids a chance not to like it – a lot of our users are families, not all, but some. We receive a lot of messages saying kids are trying new foods and enjoying recipes they didn’t think they would like. Give them a go with the kids, they might like them – even if they shouldn’t 🙂

Finally, we’re here to make life easier for you, if you need help, don’t like something, or just want to pick our brains on some of the recipes don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or using our text-a-chef service!

Now head over to your meal plan page and have a look around!