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Common problems and video tutorials below

How to create your own meal plans

Go to Meal Plan Page

  1. Click ‘Create meal plan’ button (just under the shopping list button).
  2. Name your meal plan > click Save Meal Plan button that appears.
  3. Browse our recipes on the same page by category (vegetarian, GF, etc.) you can click multiple categories or unclick to include more recipes.
  4. Click ‘add recipe’ on any you like to add to your new meal plan.
  5. Press ‘Shopping List’ to save it!

All your meal plans are saved in the drop down menu (under the shopping list button) called ‘Five Dinner Meal Plan Collections’ for whenever you want them!

Shopping list not opening

The most common problem is your browser is blocking popups; here’s a super quick fix:

  • Safari (usually on MacBook/iPad): open Safari browser, on the top menu click on ‘Safari’ > Settings For This Website > ‘allow popups’.
  • Firefox: open Firefox > settings > privacy & security > permissions > untick ‘block popup windows’ (or click ‘exceptions’ type in > click ‘allow’ and then ‘save’ done!
Serving size missing from recipes or shopping list

Go to Meal Plan page, click ‘set my serving’ – a pop up box appears; enter the number you normally feed and save.

Recipes show 4 servings – but you’re serving a different number

First – make sure your serving size is correct (see above point on how to do that).

This is a known bug we are fixing, in the meantime here is a very fast workaround:

  1. The shopping list WILL open to your correct serving size (so that’s all good!)
  2. Open a recipe – it shows as serving 4 persons – click on the ‘PRINT’ icon
  3. This opens another window with the recipe – you can change the serving size on this page and it will reflect in the ingredients on that recipe.
You are vegetarian, GF, etc. and want specific recipes in your meal plan

Example – you are vegetarian and want vegetarian only meal plans.

We are working on an update that will do this automatically, in the meantime you can create your own meal plans with our recipes to match your needs.

Simply follow the instructions above under ‘How to create your own meal plans’ and you can browse our recipes via any category you want (or multiple categories) to add to your meal plan.

E.g. GF & vegetarian or Kid friendly and Pasta, etc.

Edit or change the name of my saved meal plans

To edit or change the name of your saved meal plans; visit the page below to make changes:

Click here to edit your saved meal plans.

5 features you need to know

Take the tour – all the main features in one video; great introduction for first-time members

Meal Plans and Shopping List – how to use our meal plans and automatic shopping list

Serving sizes – change serving size for all meal plans and individual recipes

Save recipes – how to save a recipe and where to find them next time

Changing recipes in a meal plan – how to swap or remove recipes from a meal plan

Create your own meal plans – learn to create and save your own meal plans using our recipes

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