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Emma Skeates Menopause

Menopause Meal Planning and Age Appropriate Eating

Join Emma Skeates and Theo Michaels on a menopausal journey into the world of age-appropriate eating; helping you feel and look better! Right, give me the headlines… Emma is stripping and taking photos (and having blood tests done). Theo is creating a whole range of recipes and weekly meal plans (and not stripping, but he might at the end, he’s easily led astray). Emma is following Theo’s menopause meal plans every week to showcase how small changes in your diet, specifically designed for the menopause can have a dramatic affect on on your wellbeing and bodyshape. We are throwing the scales out of the window! This is nothing to do with weight which can be a huge red-herring when it comes to looking after your body. We are focusing on body shape and feeling good. Our philosophy is; if you feel great and love how you look what’s the need…

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