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Emma Skeates Menopause

Emma Skeates Bio

My name is Emma Skeates and a few years ago it dawned on me that, having gone through the surgical menopause and watching all my “friends” on Facebook being perfect and living wonderful, happy and successful lives, that I was in fact a total and utter failure and ready for the scrap heap. But, then I stopped. And I thought, I wondered how many more women, and men come to that, felt the same as me?  I started writing the Menopausal Mayhem Mothers back in 2015 with the intention of using some self deprecating humour to cheer others up. I only ever laugh at myself. Well, it turns out, my menopausal brain fog which often results in me having full on conversations at my doorstep with total strangers wearing no trousers (me not the total stranger) to taking my kids to school and then getting home and they are still…

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