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Chorizo Sweetcorn Pasta

Burnt Sweetcorn Chorizo Pasta

Jump to Recipe – Print Recipe Burnt Sweetcorn and Chorizo Pasta Prep Time: 5 minutes minutesCook Time: 15 minutes minutesTotal Time: 20 minutes minutes Servings: 4 This delicious and easy chorizo and sweetcorn pasta is a real family winner. Print Recipe Servings 4 Equipmentfrying panSaucepan 4 Ingredients100 g chorizo sliced200 g sweetcorn frozen320 g penne pasta1 cloves garlic sliced4 tbsp tomato puree1 chicken stock cube30 ml olive oil 2 tbsp2 g fresh coriander couple sprigs, chopped1/2 tsp sugar InstructionsDrop the stock cube into a saucepan of boiling water and start cooking the pasta to packet instructions (about 8 minutes).While the pasta is cooking place a dry frying pan on a high heat until almost smoking hot then add the frozen sweetcorn, spread them out and leave to cook for about five minutes until the sweetcorn is heavily charred, stir, continue cooking for another couple of minutes, then decant into a…

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