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Interview with Theo Michaels by Big K

Travel inside the mind of celebrity chef Theo Michaels The culinary culture is teeming with fascinating people. Unique narratives. Unique experiences. Unique insights. We’re always looking to expand our knowledge-based horizons, so we’re picking the brains of some of brightest minds in the BBQ game and beyond. First up the multifaceted and multi-talented Mr. Theo Michaels. Theo is a chef, presenter and award-winning author specialising in Greek Cypriot and Family friendly food.  He is also the co-founder of FiveDinners.com – an online, curated meal planning service. We could wax lyrical about Theo’s accolades for hours, however he is much too humble to allow us to do that. You can see for yourself on his website. We’re so excited to delve into the depths of such a diverse mind, so let’s get into it. Big K: Thanks, in part, to your MasterChef run, you are often referred to as a ‘Celebrity Chef’. What difference does fame…

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