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Choose Personalised meal plans to get a new meal plan every week tailored to your preferences (you can cancel anytime or revert to free). You can choose things like vegetarian, pescatarian or eat everything, specify allergens to avoid or simply your preferred style like kid friendly, quick and easy, low calorie and more! You also get access to our Exclusive Chef Hotline to text us for realtime help in the kitchen! Click here to choose your options.

Choose FREE Lifetime Membership to get a mixed meal plan every week based on how many you are feeding, you can still swap and choose meals and save your own meal plans (which you can also do in paid version above) – click here to complete your free membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Premium subscription at any time?

Yes, there is no contract and no risk, cancel anytime to stop your next payment or simply revert to our free membership

Is the FREE plan really free?

100% yes, we don’t even take payment details. There’s no catch, it’s just free.

Why should I pay for Premium?

Our Free plan is really good – but if you want to personalise your meal plans (be it type of diet, vegetarian, pescatarian, allergens to avoid or just want to chose the style of meals) then Premium is for you.

Joining Premium also means for about the cost of buying us a coffee once a month we can continue providing you with amazing meal plans, videos and new features!