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TV Chef and author; Theo Michaels, has been working with schools for over 8 years helping students to cook via live cooking demonstrations, hosting Masterchef competitions or giving motivational talks to older students or leadership teams.

With summer holidays only a day or two away – grab your Summer Special package below to support your families over the summer.


Help keep FiveDinners free for the price of a monthly coffee. Get an exclusive digital badge and certificate to show your schools’ support.


Give your students a digital cookbook with links to 36 pre-recorded cookalongs for them to do over the summer + chef hotline – Best Value Package.

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Guarantee a visit from Theo to your school in academic year 23/24 to host a cooking demo, competition or motivational talk. Plus all other features.

The Kids Cookalong Cookbook usually retails at £9.99 – when you purchase a Summer Special you only pay £99 – and that allows you to send the e-book with links to the cookalong videos to ALL your students, families (and staff) for FREE. There is no other cost. E.g. for a school with 500 students/families this equates to £0.01 per families to get the book and cookalong videos!

Please note: The Kids Cookalong Cookbook contains 36 full recipes inc. images with links to a live pre-recorded cookalong for each one. Once you sign up you will receive a copy of the book that you can simply email or attach to your schools’ newsletter to share with every parent or student.

It is licence per school (e.g. if you are an academy with x5 schools; please purchase one Summer Special for each school).

The Chefhotline – you will receive a mobile number to share with your school that parents or students can text for realtime help in the kitchen.

Transparency: you only pay the price above – there are no other costs. Cancel anytime, no contract, no risk.


“Theo demonstrated to our year 10 Food Tech class which was a huge success!  
Theo started with a talk about what they were going todo, a bit about his journey into food followed by some Q&A. He then guided the students throughout the hands-on demo with lots of tips and knowledge sharing. Theo kept the students enthusiastic throughout and was an experience the students still talk about. I’d recommend Theo to any schools or centres of learning that want to help further their Food Technology curriculum. We’re already looking forward to the next one!”

Tracy James-Fisher, Sir John Lawes.

“The unique experience these students have when Theo does a live demonstration has proved not only enjoyable, but stimulates their senses and tastebuds alike. Theo encourages our students to ask questions as he goes along and they all leave excited, energised and enthused.
 Theo’s contribution is invaluable for our students, it teaches them not only cooking skills but that with a vision and a passion to follow your dreams, anything is possible.”

Food Preparation & Nutrition
Robert Barclay Academy

“Theo came to our school to host a cooking demonstration and lesson for our year 2s. He was informative and helped get the students enthusiastic about cooking and having fun with food. It was a great combination of demonstrating and teaching-  all the children (30 in total) got their hands dirty following Theo and making their own pizzas from scratch, which were then cooked on site and eaten for lunch! Besides the fun, this was a vital element to our journey in teaching children life skills around food and one that we’d recommend for every school’

Deputy Head Teacher, High Beeches School

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