CSR & Wellbeing

We all know the benefits of investing in our employees and their health. The FiveDinners.com CSR and wellbeing package is an extremely cost effective solution.

It is unique in combining both an employee wellbeing service whilst contributing to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility mandate in helping the environment through reducing food waste.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our CSR package enables your company to empower your staff to reduce their food waste and in turn contribute to your corporate social responsibility. One of the biggest tools in tackling food waste is meal planning – but it’s a faff for individuals to do…

Food Waste Facts

  • Eliminating household food waste in the UK is equivalent of removing 1 in 5 cars from the road
  • UK households waste approx. 4.5million tonnes of food pa – about £60 pm per household
  • Food waste accounts for approx. 6% of the worlds carbon emissions (that’s x3 more than aviation industry and third in line after USA and China)

Give your staff the tools to reduce their food waste.

Employee Wellbeing

FiveDinners is an online curated meal planning service. Each week our chefs create five new delicious, easy-to-cook recipes with a single shopping list

Benefits to the employee

  • Save money on food shopping – only buy what they need
  • Reduce anxiety – no more choosing what to cook every night
  • Cut food waste and by default increase social responsibility

Employee wellbeing

  • Support for work-from-home staff struggling with meal times
  • Collective cooking experience for staff – increase company culture through shared experiences (especially helpful in maintaining a company culture while staff work-from-home in isolation)
  • Increase wellbeing and reduce mental-load of choosing what to cook every night
  • Help employee save money – only buy what they need and keep safe only shopping once
  • Drastically reduce food waste
  • Promote balanced diet and cooking from fresh

FiveDinners.com features

  • Change serving size – feed 2 or a hungry family (shopping list updates)
  • Create your own meal plans or skip a day
  • Balanced week using fresh ingredients
  • Every recipe offers advise to convert for different dietary needs
  • Text-a-chef for realtime help in the kitchen
  • Dynamic shopping list updates when changes are made
  • How-to videos and tutorials
  • Exclusive offers

What next?

We enrol your staff onto the FiveDinners.com platform and they gain immediate access to the meal plans, recipes, dynamic shopping list and all our features.

Your company gets the FiveDinners CSR badge in support of lowering carbon emissions through reducing your staffs’ food waste.

Our package works to a simple banding subscription. Meaning you pay a fixed monthly amount based on the number of employees so you can budget costs easily and with foresight.

To discuss how this can work for your company contact us here.